T&Cs for pharmacies

These T&Cs cover joint working between Index Medical Ltd (company registration number 6797903 - owners of Fast Doctor) and you (the pharmacist owner, superintendent pharmacist or pharmacy manager on behalf of a pharmacy premises) for the purposes of supplying prescription medicines to patients/customers from your pharmacy premises following an online medical consultation. If the Pharmacy manager is registering the store they must ensure the Superintendent Pharmacist or Pharmacist Owner also read and agreed to these T&Cs.

You undertake to:

Provide details of your GPhC/PSNI registered pharmacy premises, including address, opening hours, patient/customer contact details, consultations you wish to make available to your patients/customers (selected from a list), and prices customer/patients will pay for medicines when they are collected from your pharmacy premises. This information is provided during the online registration process. Some information not entered at the time of sign-up can be entered later.

Provide your pharmacy premises email address(es) and contact telephone number(s) for email and SMS alerts sent from Fast Doctor when a new prescription has been issued to patients/customers from your branded area of the Fast Doctor web site.

Provide prescription medicines obtained only through registered UK pharmacy wholesalers.

Label medicine in conformity with regulations and with dosing as specified on Fast Doctor prescriptions.

Supply medicines with approved patient information leaflets (PILS).

Pharmacies should primarily supply medicines by collect in-store and/or home delivery. Pharmacies should not post medicines, except occasionally, unless previously agreed with Index Medical Ltd.

Index Medical Ltd reserves the right, should it so choose, to stop providing prescriptions to a pharmacy, and the right, should it so choose, to remove a pharmacy’s webpages from the Fast Doctor website. Index Medical Ltd would hope not to do these things without prior discussion with pharmacies.

Index Medical Ltd undertakes to:

Create pages of the Fast Doctor website branded for your pharmacy premises.

Add details of your pharmacy premises (premises location, contact details, opening times, and medicine prices) to a patient/customer searchable list of participating pharmacy premises.

Allow patients/customers to register with Fast Doctor on your branded pages of the Fast Doctor web site from computers, tablets or devices in your pharmacy store.

Allow patients to register or login to Fast Doctor and find your pharmacy premises branded web pages from maps or by post code matching from any computer or device.

Provide information to patients about how Fast Doctor service work (patients/customers pay £5.00 to Fast Doctor online for the consultation and prescription and pay your pharmacy for medicine when they collect their medicine from your pharmacy premises).

Provide information to patients about medical conditions and treatments via web pages branded to your pharmacy premises.

Offer secure confidential consultations to patients via online yes/no medical questionnaires.

Provide GMC UK doctors who will either approve prescriptions, or decline prescriptions and refund the £5.00 consultation/prescription fee. Doctor’s decisions are based on information provided by patient/customers in online consultations and any additional information available to doctors from the patients/customers past medical record or web messages from patients/customers.

Provide doctors who will normally approve or decline ‘orders’ within and few hours of them being placed, or by the next working day. The doctors usually attend to prescriptions every few hours during the day and in the early mornings and evenings and around midday. Therefore ‘orders’ placed in the morning usually result in prescription by the afternoon of the same day.

Send emails and SMS (optional) to patients/customers when they register with Fast Doctor, when an order has been placed, when it is approved or decline by a doctor, and when their medicine is ready for collection from your pharmacy premises.

Provide weekday 9am to 5pm telephone and email support to patients/customers and participating pharmacy premises.

Carry out checks during patient/customer registration to reduce the possibility of patients/customers creating more than one account with Fast Doctor.

Provide your premises with a secure login to your administration part of the Fast Doctor web site to access prescriptions and deal with dispensing. Also in this login area, you can update pharmacy information, including information displayed to patients/customers about the amount they will pay when they collect their medicine. The secure login area will also list previous items dispense and collected, and items not collected, and prescriptions cancelled. Your premises will also be able to send email and SMS reminders to patients/customers to collect medicines.

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